Authentic Chinese Acupuncture

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​​​Paralysis - Post stroke, Bell's Palsy caused facial, Gastro

Well being - Excise, diet, motion control

Infertility - PCOS, IVF, Stress, Unknow reason

Menopause - Hot flashes, Insomnia, Night sweating, Hormonal imbalance, Motion sickness​

COVID associated - Loss of taster and smell, headache, fatigue, tinnitus, cough and itchy throat, low immune

Immune function - prevent infection, aging and cancer

Osteoarthritis - Low back pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, other OA pain conditions

Insomnia ​

GI conditions - Bloating, Acid, Heart burn, IBS, Constipation

Fibromyalgia - Pain, Soreness, Tenderness

Cancer therapy associated - Nausea and vomiting, fatigue, low blood counts, pain, neuropathy

​​PMS - pre or post menstrual syndrome​

Our specitiales - seccussful cases and sicentific evidence

Sinus allergies - itchy and watery eyes, stuffy and watery nose, painful and tender sinus area​

Skin allergies - rashes, itchy and redness

Migraine- Vascular, Stress related, Hormonal, unknown

Besides the commonly treated conditions such as Sciatica, Bulging discs, Tendonitis, Muscle sprain and strain, each of our practitioners typically specializes in one or a few of the following conditions and leads all locations' research & practice in that area. 

MS associated - Multiple Sclerosis associated pain, numbness,  fatigue, stress

Metabolic Syndrome - high body weight, high glucose, high lipids, and high blood pressure