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Iesus Pencq at Charlotte NC: My body weight prior to the treatments was 250 LB and my fasting glucose was 110 mg/dl, now I weigh 212 LB and my glucose is 105. I felt more energy and so happy about the results. My wife keeps telling that my abdomen is much smaller. 

Metabolic syndrome

Scientific researches on treatment/prevention of metabolic syndrome conditions using natural remedies

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Anna Verma at Sioux Falls SD: I was able to lose 20 LB in the past year via diet control and excise, but my blood triglyceride level was still high. I am not a medication fan so I tried 12 sessions of the acupuncture services at EBOM Clinic. My triglyceride level was reduced from 278 mg/dl to 90/83 (tested twice). So exited about the results! 

Matt Hetzler at Omaha NE: After three treatment sessions, my blood pressure was reduced to normal range! 

Participating practitioners

A protocol and program developed and participated by a team of extraordinary practitioners, incorporating the latest clinic researches and experiences. 

  • Electric body acupuncture (twice a week)
  • Auricular acupuncture (stay for 2-3 days)
  • Needling cupping
  • Herbal capsules
  • Tests: Fasting glucose/weight/waist length/BP in the morning prior to 1st treatment/visit, 7th visit, and 13th visit

Metabolic Syndrome program in our clinics

Metabolic syndrome is a serious health condition that puts people at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other diseases. Metabolic syndrome is diagnosed when someone has three or more of these risk factors: 

  • High blood level of glucose (sugar)
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood level of triglycerides
  • Low blood level of HDL (“good”) cholesterol
  • Large waist circumference or “apple-shaped” body

Scientific studies especially clinic trials published in prestigious biomedical journals have demonstrated significant efficacy of Oriental Medicine services on the treatment and prevention of diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure. 

More studies and layman information could be found in our blog.

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