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Because the herbal treatments used for diabetes are widely available over the counter, it’s common for diabetic patients to attempt to treat themselves without the aid of a professional. However, it’s very important that the use of herbal medicine is overseen by a trained individual who has experience and education. Herbs can easily interact with other drugs in a negative way and it’s also possible to take too much of an herb and experience negative side effects. To get the most out of your herbal medicine treatments, reach out to a clinic that specializes in using herbs—as well as other alternative treatments—to treat type 2 diabetes.

Herbal treatments have been used for tens of thousands of years to treat a wide range of illnesses and diseases. If you or a loved one have type 2 diabetes, reach out to the experts at Holistic Acupuncture to discuss natural and effective treatment options. 

A holistic approach 

Other herbal remedies used in treating type 2 diabetes 

Adult-onset diabetes, also known as type 2 diabetes, has skyrocketed in the past few decades and is now affecting children as well as adults. Spurred by the obesity epidemic that exists in the United States, type 2 diabetes has become a serious problem with devastating consequences for those who are afflicted with it. While diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes can help prevent and treat type 2 diabetes, these are sometimes not enough to help those with the disease to live a normal, healthy life. For those who want to explore alternative means of treatment, herbal therapies could be a good fit. 

Type 2 diabetes is a complicated disease that can seriously impact an individual’s health and well-being and lead to serious illness or even death. Those who practice herbal medicine and other alternative medicine know that there is not one solution to treating it. In addition to herbs, acupuncture, and cupping, treatment options should also include lifestyle changes such as increased exercise, weight loss, and stress reduction. In some cases, prescription drugs may be needed to help treat symptoms and improve the sufferer’s condition.

Diabetes cannot be cured. However, with the right combination of treatments, the symptoms can be improved and it’s possible for those with the disease to live a full and healthy life. 

How does Berberine help those with type 2 diabetes?

Herbal treatments are natural alternatives to prescription medicines like metformin-the go-to prescription drug for type 2 diabetes. Herbal treatments have been used for more than 60,000 years and written records have been kept documenting these treatments for the past 5,000 years. Herbal medicine has been used to treat everything from colds and flu to menstrual symptoms, digestive issues, and headaches. Herbal treatments are also prevalent in the treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, asthma, and diabetes. Common herbs used in herbal medicine include ginseng, licorice, ginger, goji berries, astragalus, cinnamon, miso, and royal jelly. When it comes to treating type 2 diabetes, one of the most effective herbs appears to be Berberine.

Berberine is a plant alkaloid extracted from an ancient Chinese herb called Coptis Chinensis. It has been used for thousands of years as a treatment due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinoma, and anti-diabetes properties.

Studies have shown that Berberine lowers the hypoglycemic index in patients in as little as seven days. Studies have also indicated a strong link between Berberine and lower triglycerides and overall cholesterol in patients who are treated with it. When compared to the long-term negative effects of metformin and other prescription drugs to treat diabetes, Berberine has proven to be a safe and effective alternative. 

The importance of working with an herbal specialist

In addition to Berberine, terminalia chebula (TC) and Canephfron N (a combination of rosemary leaves, centaury herb, and lovage root) have been proven to minimalize cardiovascular risk factors and increase the antioxidant defense status and lipid peroxidation levels in those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

In addition to Berberine and these two powerful herbal treatments, other herbal remedies used to help those with type 2 diabetes include aloe vera (antioxidant), cinnamon (improve insulin sensitivity), bitter melon (lower blood glucose levels), milk thistle (anti-inflammatory), fenugreek (lower blood glucose levels), and ginger (reduce insulin resistance). 

How Can Herbs Help Those with Type 2 Diabetes?

What is herbal medicine?