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Deciding to have a child is life changing. When that plan is complicated with infertility, life can quickly feel overwhelming. Working with a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner early in the process will give you the best support for your body. If you think it is time to get pregnant, don’t just start taking a long list of herbs you may have read about. Your body may not need to take in a certain supplement, or perhaps there are others that would benefit you more. Work closely with your team to ensure you take what is best for your body and your unique situation.

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Determining the cause of infertility can be complicated. For some, there are physical reasons, such as problems with the position of the uterus, an issue with ovarian functions, or a low sperm count. Diseases like Endometriosis or Uterine Fibroids can cause scarring and make an unsuitable host for carrying a child. Age may also play a factor as we put off getting pregnant until later in life. Women are born with all their eggs to produce children; as they age, so do the eggs. This is different for men as their bodies create new semen each day.

In other cases, there may be no physical reason for you not to conceive, but it just doesn’t happen. You and your partner may both have a clean bill of health with no functional concerns; however, after months of trying to conceive, there are no results. These instances can become even more overwhelming as there is no known cause for this to happen.

Many phases occur in our life. As you transition from one to another, you may have goals or wishes that you want to happen during that period. Not everyone has children in their plans, but those that do often have a strong desire to bring new life into the world. Their life, and that of the people closest to them, can become stressful when infertility creates a block to making the plan a reality. Things may feel like they are spiraling out of your control, and depression and despair can quickly set in.

Things like attending your best friend’s baby shower can become overwhelming. You may easily be on edge when someone asks you about your plans for children. People may try to help by telling you to relax, and it will happen, or you could always adopt. These words are meant to be reassuring but often do not help your situation. In fact, these words create stress and the feeling of pressure upon you. This could further complicate your infertility issues. Gathering as much information as you can to assist your body in achieving your goal of having a child is your best bet to success. It is also ok to share the situation with your friends and family so that they may provide support instead of added stress. 

What causes Infertility?

Which Herbs could help with Infertility?

How can Herbal Supplements help with Infertility?

Supporting the body as a whole is a fundamental belief in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the case of Infertility, a woman’s body needs to have extra support to take on the task of hosting another human within them. This support should occur many months before trying to conceive, as this will allow your body to be strong and ready. Your TCM provider may recommend things like stress reduction, nutritional changes, decreasing your alcohol, and following an exercise plan. 

Chinese herbal medicine for Infertility

Imbalances in the body, particularly hormonal ones, are often at the root of infertility issues. Many herbal supplements can help both men and women achieve a good balance to prepare them for pregnancy. Herbal treatments may also be used to correct the problems with the body. Many studies have been done on the impact of herbal supplements on treating infertility for both men and women.

How does TCM view Infertility?

How do I know which herbs to use?

1. AshwagandhaStress ReductionIt lowers stress and can increase sperm count

2. Black Cohosh

It treats menopausal symptoms and may help with fertilitySometimes used in conjunction with Western treatments
3. Chaste Tree BerriesPromotes good menstrual flowIt also supports lactation after birth
4. CinnamonIncreases sperm productionCan increase the motility of sperm
5. Evening Primrose OilIt helps maintain healthy sperm in men.It can also increase cervical mucous, allowing sperm to travel easier.
6. MacaAdaptogen for supporting overall healthAllows for better coping with stress

7. Red Clover

Helps with egg healthSupports the ovulation process
8. Red Raspberry LeafDecreases inflammation

It also has antioxidant properties to support the body 

9. Saw PalmettoSupports the male genitourinary tract
Allows proper function of the prostate

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