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1. AstragalusAnti-inflammatorySupports the entire body to perform at its best

2. Dandelion

Provides extra calcium to the bodySupports the immune system as a whole
3. GingerReduces inflammationAllows the body to become calm and focus on other things
4. Licorice RootHelps to prevent Osteoporosis in Menopausal WomenThere was a study conducted with good outcomes.
5. Peony RootSupports bones at the cellular levelOften used in combination with other herbs
6. Red CloverIncreases minerals in bonesAlso used to treat Menopausal Symptoms

7. Red Sage

Prevents collagen from breaking downShort-term use could have side effects
8. ThymeImproves bone densityAll around good herb to support many conditions
9. TurmericSupports bone minerals
Fantastic anti-inflammatory 

What causes Osteoporosis?

Chinese herbal medicine for osteoporosis

How do I know which herbs to use?

How can Herbal Supplements help with Osteoporosis?

Our ancestors used herbs to treat their ailments. These herbs were basically the pharmacy. People gathered and traded herbs to treat whatever disease they were fighting. There was also a focus on supporting the entire body, not just a disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to follow this path today.

Herbal supplements have been clinically proven by researchers who conduct studies on people experiencing Osteoporosis to improve bone production. These studies provided evidence that herbal treatments supported the growth of bones at the cellular level. Since herbal supplements have fewer side effects than traditional Western medications, many people find these a better solution. There are thousands of herbs and combinations of herbs to use for treating people. Here are a few of the common ones for Osteoporosis.

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How does TCM view Osteoporosis?

Did you know that your bones are constantly breaking down and rebuilding throughout your entire lifespan? People often think that bones only grow when they are younger, and this process stops at some point. The reality is that your bones are a living element within your body. As the older bones break down, new bone is built all over again, providing your body with its skeletal system.

For some people, the rebuilding process slows significantly as they age. This means that as the older bones break down, the new bone isn’t developed to replace it. This causes a condition you may have heard of called Osteoporosis.

If we are lucky enough to age, our bodies begin to change. Just like an older car with hundreds of thousands of miles, things start to go wrong. The onset of Osteoporosis is one of those changes that happen in our body with age. For many reasons, the bone cannot build new growth as fast as the older bone is breaking down. Since it breaks down faster than growing, the bones become weak and brittle. This makes your skeletal system fragile and prone to fractures, especially in the hips and spine.

It could be a result of your genetic makeup, poor bone growth while younger, or lifestyle choices. If you are a smoker, don’t have a regular exercise routine, and/or consume alcohol excessively, your chances of developing Osteoporosis are likely increased. Certain medical conditions could also disrupt the necessary bone growth required to rebuild the bones. Diseases like cancer, arthritis, and liver disease require much energy from our bodies to fight. Because our body is busy fighting those things, building new bones gets pushed down the task list.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, the Kidney system guides the direction of our bones. The flow of energy (Qi) throughout systems, such as the Kidneys, is crucial for individual elements to function correctly. When this energy becomes blocked or depleted, it cannot fully support those elements. This energy could be depleted because you don’t have enough rest in your life, or it could be something passed onto you from previous generations. Opening up any stagnation or increasing the Qi to your kidneys is the focus of TCM for those suffering from bone loss. Supporting the Kidney system is done through lifestyle adjustments, herbal supplements, and acupuncture. When you begin working with a TCM practitioner, they will help you develop the best plan for you as an individual.

Yes, herbal treatments have been used for centuries. However, they were administered by skilled people with intimate knowledge of the herb and its potential side effects. Each person and their body are different. It’s essential not to take something recommended by a friend or the internet without consulting a skilled person. Practitioners in Traditional Chinese Medicine spend years building their knowledge and experience in herbal treatments. They understand the details and how to evaluate you as an individual for treatment. Finding the right practitioner will allow you to be confident in your treatment plan and ensure you have the best possible outcome.

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