Osteoarthritis impacts our joints. It could be a knee, hip, finger, or any other joint. Over time, these joints can become stressed. You may have had an injury, or perhaps you have made the same repetitive motion for years. Aging also plays a factor in the condition of joints. In Western medicine, osteoarthritis is diagnosed as a result of the cartilage in these joints wearing down or changes in their structure. The joint cannot function the same as it once did. It is often treated with anti-inflammatory and pain medications.

1. Cat's ClawReduces inflammationReduces the level of heat in the blood

2. Feverfew

Reduces pain and inflammationDisperses heat
3. Stinging NettleCreates energetic healingCooling herb
4. Tripterygium Wilfordii HookFocuses on autoimmune conditions like RAClears heat
5. TurmericReduces inflammationImproves blood circulation
6. Vitex FruitReduces painDisperses wind & heat
7. Wild GingerReduces painCorrects Wind-Cold
8. Willow BarkReduces inflammationAids natural joint flexibility

One in four Americans struggles with osteoarthritis. For many, the effects are felt when they wake up in the morning and last until they go to bed at night. The pain can even impact your ability to sleep. The achiness, stiffness, and overall feeling of discomfort pose unique challenges. It can be difficult to work, complete household chores, or walk.

Chronic pain, like that experienced in osteoarthritis, can have drastic effects on a person. When the body is in a state of constant pain, the mind and body begin to react. It can lead to depression, anxiety, and increased stress levels. Your memory can become impaired, and you could experience difficulty concentrating. Each of these has a negative impact on your overall health, which leads to long-term effects. Physical effects could lead to issues with your heart or nervous system. Mental health problems may drastically lower your quality of life. Dealing with the pain does not solve the long-term damage happening inside your body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) does not isolate treatment to one joint as would be the case in Western practices. Practitioners in TCM treat each problem as part of the larger picture, your body as a whole. If you have an issue with your knees, for instance, the treatment will focus on clearing the blockage to your lower extremities. The intent is to allow your blood to move freely for the body to function as one unit. It also focuses on the energy or Qi that flows throughout us. When a person’s joints are impacted by pain or stiffness, TCM refers to the problem as Bi Syndrome.

Elements like wind, heat, cold, and dampness can all have an impact on Bi Syndrome. When a TCM practitioner evaluates a patient, they will work to determine which element is causing the pain and stiffness. They will do this through physical examination and asking questions to gain an understanding of the problem, including what makes it better or worse. Once they have the correct information, they will arrive at a Bi Syndrome diagnosis. The diagnosis will be specific to the invading element. For example, Damp Painful Obstruction or Fixed Painful B is a potential diagnosis. A treatment plan will be developed that focuses on correcting that specific issue with the goal of balance.

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Herbal supplements occur naturally in the environment. They are not made in a lab and often grow in the ground or water. However, they still have the potential to cause side effects. Thousands of herbs and combinations of herbs are readily available on the market. Working under the guidance of a TCM practitioner will allow you to leverage the ones that will help you get relief from OA. Your practitioner will complete a thorough assessment and develop a treatment plan designed for you and not just the symptoms of OA you are experiencing. When you are ready to begin an evaluation, contact the experienced and knowledgeable team at Holistic Acupuncture to begin a healing path.

Many studies have been completed to document the efficacy of herbal treatments as a treatment for Osteoarthritis. Patients who do not want to subject their bodies to long-term steroidal or pain medications search for alternatives like those used in TCM.

Herbal supplements have been used for thousands of years to treat ailments. Herbs can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and create balance within the body. Expert TCM practitioners have the training and knowledge to know which herbal supplements (often in combination) work best for each person (not just the condition.) Here are a few herbs they may use in treating OA.