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"Very knowledgeable and skilled doctors. Highly recommend for everyone searching for alternative medical treatment!​"
-Marijana  B.

Google reviews for Holistic Acupuncture at Cary

"Dr. Yueshan Hu is an amazing practitioner of acupuncture. I am an emeritus professor of psychology (UNK) and suffer from extremely severe osteoarthritis. My pain level has been greatly reduced while my mobility has significantly increased thanks to acupuncture.  At the same time, the treatments (three at the time of writing this review) have helped enormously with other issues: cardiovascular (reduced swelling in the legs and feet), sleep apnea and COPD, and even constipation! Dr. Hu is extremely kind and compassionate, willing to listen and allow for questions, and deeply cares for his patients...."​
-Yozan  M.

"After only 3 visits I am 80% pain free. I am off my strong meds that messed up my mind. I do not even have to take any Tylenol any more.

I highly recommend this place."
-david john H.

"I have had back and hip issues for over 20 years and Dr. Yanchun Xu has helped me so much! 5 stars for sure!!​"
-Marsha Morris i.

TESTIMONIES to our clinic and acupuncturists

"I have finally found what I've been looking for!! Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupunture treatments at an affordable price. My results have been phenomenal. I have been a big advocate of TCM for many years now, but Dr. Yanchun Xu has truly been amazing. I am so pleased with the results of my sessions to treat my torn meniscus. I am steadily regaining my mobility and pain is at a minimum.

Can't say enough good things about my experience."​
-Traci G.

"Dr. Yueshan Hu and the staff are great and really anxious to help. I’ve tried many different ways to alleviate my problems, but after a few visits, I am already seeing improvement — and that’s amazing.

I highly recommend them."​
-Candy  B.

L.Ac. Yanchun Xu

Authentic Chinese Acupuncture