1. Agastache21Nausea, unsettled stomach
Transforms Dampness

2. Apricot Kernal

Chills, joint pain, sore throat
Treats Wind-Heat cases.
3. AstragalusOverall ill feelingPromotes balance of Ying
4. Bupleurum PowderDepression, fatigueBreaks up stagnation in the liver
5. Chrysanthemum PowderHeadaches, chronic nasal drip
Often taken in conjunction with green tea
6. CinnamonFevers, Chills, Nasal CongestionTreats ailments with Wind-Cold cases.
7. Forsythia PowderDecreases pathogenic influences like a virus
Used primarily for influenza symptoms
8. GardeniaShortness of Breath, Insomnia
Dispels heat
9. GinsengEnergy IssuesUsed for insufficient Qi/Energy
10. GypsumCough, congestion
Calms wheezing
11. Honeysuckle powderDecreases pathogenic influences like a virusUsed primarily for influenza symptoms
12. Licorice DecoctionChills, joint pain, sore throat
Treats Wind-Heat cases.
13. Mulberry LeafPersistent cough, mild inflammation of lungs
Treats issues with the upper respiratory tract
14. PeppermintHeadaches, Body Pain, Chills, Problems with Pulse
Treats early stages of Wind-Cold cases.
15. Prepared SoybeanHeadaches, Body Pain, Chills, Problems with PulseTreats early stages of Wind-Cold cases.
16. ScallionHeadaches, Body Pain, Chills, Problems with PulseTreats early stages of Wind-Cold cases.
17. White TigerJoint Pain, fever, chills
Creates balance between heat and cold
18. XanthiumThins mucous, relieve sinus pressure, nasal congestionDecreases heat in the lung syndrome
19. Tangerine PeelNauseaRelieves heat congestion in the stomach
20. BupleurumDiarrhea, cold symptomsHarmonizes yang
21. SafflowerEnergyInvigorates the blood and decreases phlegm

The pandemic changed the modern world as we know it. Many people lost their lives, and others continue to struggle with long-term symptoms, otherwise known as Long-Haulers syndrome. Some people struggle with these symptoms for months or even years. Some potential long-term symptoms include altered smell or taste, fatigue, memory issues, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and joint pain.

Those fortunate enough to get through the past few years without serious effects continue to live with the fear of what could happen if they get COVID in the future. Treating the disease and its associated symptoms have been challenging for doctors worldwide. There have been many discussions (and debates) on the best approach.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes an approach with beliefs rooted in aligning the body as a whole on an individual basis. Many studies like this one have been done to research the effectiveness of herbal treatments. When everything functions at its best, our natural system can fight off viruses like COVID or lessen potential symptoms if we do get it. Supporting our system through a healthy diet, rest, exercise, and reduced stress is crucial.

Nature gives us some of the best possible medicine to resolve ailments and to keep us strong. Herbal treatments have been used for thousands of years by TCM. Nourishing our body with herbal supplements, we do not get through our diet will strengthen our natural immunity even further. These supplements can help further support the nervous and digestive systems that outside viruses may impact.

How does TCM view viruses like COVID?

Herbal supplements include elements derived from leaves, roots, branches, and oils of naturally occurring plants. These herbs have been proven to help with symptoms of COVID. TCM practitioners often combine herbal supplements to maximize their effectiveness. This combination is based on the practitioner’s assessment of the individual patient and the patient’s description of the symptoms. Experience practitioners, like those at the EBOM clinic, work closely with the patient to create a unique combination of herbs to promote healing and support overall health. Here are the 21 common herbs used alone or in combination during the initial treatment and beyond.

21 Herbs for COVID

Herbal treatments in the TCM practice are very specific to individuals. In most cases, the herbs are combined by a practitioner to create a combination specific to the patient. They may need to address misalignments of QI or an external impact of cold or heat. It is best to work with an experienced practitioner like those at the EBOM clinic to ensure you are using the best herbal supplements for your specific needs.

Which herbs could help with COVID symptoms?

How can Herbal Supplements help with COVID?

How do I know which herbs to use?

COVID is the virus that has held the stage since 2020 due to its impact on the world. We have learned a great deal about it since the early stages. We also know many other viruses leave long-term effects like COVID. Shingles is a recurrence of the Chickenpox virus that hangs out in the body until something triggers it to return. The Epstein-Barre virus leads to mononucleosis and has been linked to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma later in life.

The bottom line is that once our body’s defense system allows a virus or bacteria in, it may stay there for a very long time. These “bugs” find a way to hide from our immune system and cause underlying problems that could cause symptoms at any time.

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